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No Satuday Morning Cartoons??

So I was up early last Saturday morning, and out of curiosity I decided to see what was on network TV. I was simply amazed that THERE WERE NO CARTOONS!!

NO CARTOONS on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning cartoons defined my childhood. When I was in grade school, there were only 3 networks. All 3 had extensive programming all morning, starting at 7:00! I would get up early, sit in front of the TV with my cereal bowl, and settle in for a good 5 hours. I’d watch until Bandstand came on, or made to get up and do chores.

Now my childhood best friend Linda and I had a system for cartoon watching. We would plot out which ones we were going to watch. Then we have our individual reviews of the shows, talk about what we liked and didn’t like, and which ones were worthy of our continued loyalty. Then after we’d seen all the episodes on one network, we’d go over to another network. We’d never get bored!

And another cool thing about cartoons—the theme songs! Everybody knew The Banana Splits, The Cattanooga Cats, The Road Runner, George of the Jungle, I could go on and on! What I didn’t like is when they started altering characters and bringing in secondary ones. Who cared about Pebbles and Bam-Bam as teenagers, and was Scrappy-Doo really necessary?


Some folks argue that kids shouldn’t be allowed to vegetate in front of the TV for hours at a time. But we turned out alright. I think that all those cartoons fostered creativity and critical thinking. Didn’t you always figure out the crook on Scooby Doo before those “meddlesome kids?”

I know kids have different options these days on Saturday morning, but in my mind, they’re a deprived lot indeed.


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