Donna C. Terrell

I Was Just Thinkin'

One Day in the Park

on April 19, 2015

The prompt: A man and woman are walking through a park holding hands. An old woman is sitting on a park bench knitting a red sweater. The man sees this and starts to cry. The twist: Use different points of view.

Now Dudette is thinking: I’ve got to do it today. He’s a good guy and all, but I’m tired of all the brooding, the mood swings. I’m tired of these kind of men, with their secrets and all. So he’s got to go. And what’s the deal with the color red? He acts so weird about it. The other night I had on this smokin’ red dress; it made my skinny frame look like Beyonce’. And all he could do was claim that he didn’t feel well all of a sudden? He had the runs? Puleeze. I don’t even know why I’m holding his hand.

Now Dude is thinking: “That lady on that bench reminds me of Mrs. Rose, the cook back at the frat house. Her food was the bomb!” He noticed she was knitting a red sweater. Instantly his mind was transported back to the day, that inglorious day when he ran for that touchdown and everybody was yelling his name! He heard cheers! He heard chanting! He saw the sea of red sweaters waving jubilantly as he scored in the Cardinal’s endzone! He couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. Because of his wrong way heroics, his beloved Warriors lost 16 to 17.

Now Old Lady is thinking: I didn’t know it would take me so long to get these orders out! But I’m going to finish what I start! Everybody says I’m nuts for starting this new business, but why not? Just because I’m 79 doesn’t mean I don’t still have goals and dreams for my life. PetSweats, colorful handmade sweaters for dogs, will rule the pet apparel world!

Now the yarn is thinking: I wish she’d finish whatever I’m going to be because this tickles!


One response to “One Day in the Park

  1. Greg Terrell says:

    Lot’s Happening at THAT PARK….

    Haven’t Heard The Word “Dudette” in a LONG TIME!!!


    As Usual…..Keep it up CUZ!!!

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