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What I Did on My Off-Season Vacation

I posted back in February, as I lamented the end of football season, some suggestions for filling up the time. I didn’t want to languish in football withdrawal. My friend Pat and I did some different activities. Pat is my good friend who loves the Bears and football as much as I do. Well, it was a productive off-season.

RushI saw a Chicago Rush game. My take on Arena League Football—it’s just something to do when there’s nothing to do. After 20 years, it still hasn’t fully caught on with the masses. I think it’s something a group of kids would enjoy. They do try to make it very fan-friendly, and I do appreciate the AFL’s mission statement (in part):

We believe that every Fan should receive the very best in competitive football, entertainment, merchandise, food and beverage for their purchasing power.

We believe that every Fan is entitled to interact with and have access to players and coaches for autographs and conversation in recognition of their support at every game.

We believe that Fans are entitled to fast, accurate, and complete information about our players, coaches, league, games, and performance.

We believe that Fans expect the Arena Football League to be comprised of gentlemen and ladies who are examples and role models for youth, free of physical violence, drugs, alcohol, and gambling abuse.

Here that, NFL?

I went to the Dog Show! It was very interesting. Amazing how they get these dogs to stand up straight for extended periods of time. The judges look at everything on the dog—the way it stands, holds its tail, as well as how the dog’s eyes, ears and teeth look. They even look at the poor dog’s behind. It’s also amazing how well-dressed the exhibitors were.  The men were clad in suits and some of the ladies were resplendent in rhinestones and sequins. I wonder if the judges deduct if they wear jeans?

dog scrutiny

Now this was really cool—I went to Bottle and Bottega, a place where you go to paint and drink wine. I’ve always been interested in drawing and painting. I loved art in high school. I bought an adult paint-by-numbers set last year (adult as in an advanced image, not porn) but I felt overwhelmed with all the mixing that was involved. All I did was paint the sky and water blue. But this outing was directed, and here’s my painting:


Cool, huh? Now there was not supposed to be a cat in the painting. Pat decided the image reminded her of how her cat likes to go into the closet, so she stuck the cat in there. I copied from Pat. (A copy cat!) I painted a likeness of Pepper, my cat. The instructor was cool with it, and even suggested we add tails. cat on drums(

Speaking of cats, we saw the Acro-Cats, trained cats who do tricks and play musical instruments. I know it’s silly, but you only live once. It was a very cute show. The cats were on skateboards, they responded to whistles and clickers, and the band was so cool! They also didn’t mind all the humans staring and gawking at them while taking their pictures. And they say you can’t train a cat! (

I went to Washington DC with the husband. It was cool. It definitely wasn’t a chillin’ vacation; we were up and out early every day we were there trying to cram stuff in. We saw most of the stuff we wanted to see. It would take weeks to see everything. I’d like to go back and visit more museums. Can you believe some %%&#** threw green paint on the Lincoln Memorial? Now who has a problem with Lincoln in 2013? Luckily we did get to see the memorial, but they had closed it off for a few hours to try to wash the paint off. That’s a shame—they have these beautiful, noble memorials and monuments unclosed off so people can enjoy them, and some poophole does some crap like that.


EarlOh, I read a book! First time in about 2 years. The Supremes at Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat by author Edward Kelsey Moore is his inaugural work. This guy has a wonderful style of writing. Amazing how he has totally captured the essences of his main female characters! Each one is funny and nuanced from their past to the present. There’s also a whole town of crazy, quirky, likeable people. The subplots and back stories are marvelously interwoven, and you can follow without getting confused. It’s the kind of book where you get so involved in the characters’ world that you don’t want the book to end. I hope Mr. Moore brings these folks back for an encore. Totally recommend this book.

So now we head back into football season, where it’s all football all the time for the next 6 months. I love football, and you can’t make up some of the player and team idiosyncrasies and dramatics. I also love how my father and I watch the games together every week. (Please see my post, Dad, Football and Me, November 2011) I guess the moral of this story is we should do cool stuff with the people we love all year. And as much as I love football, as do millions of others, perhaps if we don’t let it fill us up so much, we wouldn’t feel so empty when it’s over.


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