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(Football) Seasons Change–Deal With It


January comes in with a countdown and much fanfare in various forms. Some pray in the new year, some kiss in the new year. There’s sometimes a sparkling beverage involved. We say goodbye to the previous year, presents, Charlie Brown and the Grinch. The pretty bright Christmas lights are gone. Now we’re stuck with The Dead of Winter.  And the end of football season. Siiiiiiiiiigh…

Now there’s the playoffs and that’s fun in and of itself. But it’s only 10 games spread out over the whole month! Just 10! And if your team didn’t make the playoffs and you’re not an NFL fan overall, it’s totally over for you, maybe since week 8.

Sundays are normally filled with football from sunup to sundown. This will not be the case after this weekend. We got 2 games each on Saturday and Sunday, then only 2 games the following Sunday. Therefore, I propose a calm-down. Let’s breathe and regroup. This is not just about football withdrawal. This is about embracing where you are in the scheme of life right now.  You may be in-between jobs currently. I’m not saying embrace unemployment by any means, but if images-4you’re at home mostly, then keep the house clean. Get organized. Spend time at the gym. There are things you can do to be productive as you search and wait for a job.  That’s what I did. Right now, it’s winter. Winter can be viewed as a time of rest.  Although the days are getting longer minute by minute, with the evenings being darker longer you can use winter as a time of winding down and relaxing both mentally and physically. During the energizing sunny days of summer, there’s more of a tendency to be out and about, and if you’re not, you feel you should be. So, chill in the cold!

For those of us who bemoan change, we’ve got to start dealing with this now. We must come up with a plan! We have to decide on ways to make this winter different.

Sunday Afternoon Reading Program If you like to read, there’s a world of books out there. Find 2 or 3 and spend a couple of hours engrossed in another life.

Sunday Afternoon Reconnect People who know me have learned to not call while the Bears are playing. If you’re also one of those “focused” individuals, this is a good time to call folks you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Go somewhere totally out of your norm. I am going to the International Kennel Club Dog Show. I don’t think my cat will mind. I’ve always wanted to go, and after watching the National Dog Show on TV a couple of months ago, I am definitely going to do this.  You can hold me accountable! It’s at the end of February.  Here’s a pic of the breed that won Best In Show–the wire fox terrier. Cute!


Cook The winter is great for practicing labor-intensive dishes like breads, soups and stews.

Shred some junk I have years worth of paper in my file cabinet that needs to go. This could take me all the way to the kick-off of the opening Bears game in September.

Give another sport a chance I wish I liked other sports with the intensity I feel about football. I do love the Olympics, especially track. If there’s an AFL franchise in your area, go to one of their games. I hear it’s very family and fan friendly. You can actually afford a ticket! I also like NCAA March Madness, so maybe I’ll pay more attention to the games leading up to it. I think the brackets are cool. I really like that it’s “win-or-go-home,” not like the NBA’s best 89 out of 103.

Just a few suggestions, folks, as we slink through football withdrawal. My father always maintains that it takes until April to get over it. I don’t want to wait that long. We have to embrace each season and find things to love about each one. Spring and summer are easy transitions, but God made winter and the off-season, too. Hmmm, maybe if we didn’t let football fill up our lives so much, we wouldn’t feel so empty when it’s over.

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