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Take-Me-Back-Tuesday: Songs from the Other End of the Dial

on October 16, 2012

In the 70s, the trend on Chicago radio stations, and maybe all over the country, was playing the same thing over and over and over again. If you missed your favorite song in the 2:00 hour, it would be rolling around again in the 3:00 hour. That was good if you liked to tape the songs like I did. Otherwise, things got pretty boring if you listened to the same stations all the time. So when I got tired of R&B stations WJPC and WVON, I’d turn to the rock/pop stations WLS and WCFL to hear what they were playing. Those stations were jammin’ too!

There were certain artists that everybody (meaning those in my world, which really didn’t encompass a whole lot) knew about like Elton John, The BeeGees, The Stones, and Queen. STILL trying to learn all the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody. Very cool song!

The white kids in my acting class turned all us black kids onto Peter Frampton. We all bought the Frampton Comes Alive album. I would blast “Do You Feel Like I Do” throughout the house, much to the chagrin of my father. He would tolerate my loud music sometimes, but he really hated rock music!

I liked songs by the Doobie Brothers, Ambrosia, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, and Toto. Very few songs by rock artists crossed over to the R&B stations, but they played Toto’s Georgy Porgy. It had a mellow R&B beat. The R&B stations played The Stones’ Miss You probably more than the rock stations.

I just recently put these on my iPod:

Show Me The Way–Peter Frampton; Dream Weaver–Gary Wright; My Sharona–The Knack; and Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac. Good stuff.

I leave you with one of the absolute coolest rock songs known to man: Barracuda by Heart. This is on my cardio playlist! I wish I could play the guitar like that!


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