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Time Out for the Same Ol’

on October 3, 2012

Yep, it’s that time of year again–Birthday Time! And every year my best friend asks me, sometimes well over a month in advance, what I want to do. Sometimes I know, sometimes I just tell her I haven’t thought that far ahead. So I started thinking early this year to be on top of the question when it came.

I have no idea what I’d like to do. How many dinners, restaurants, parties, et al can one have? Maybe I’ve just grown bored of the whole thing. Maybe instead of “celebrating” I can just do nothing. I can very well be at home catching up on DVR watching. I rather enjoy my own company. I’d love to go out of town, but that’s not gonna happen so soon after my fabulous trip to Niagara Falls. (I should post some images…) Then I was thinking I could volunteer somewhere, maybe the animal shelter where I got my silly cat or cook at a soup kitchen, or read to some kids. I like reading to kids.

I guess this is where I’m at these days:

Last year I wanted to go listen to some jazz. It was cool. This year I want to PLAY some jazz.

I cooked a nice family dinner the other day, but I want to cook alongside Paula Deen, Emeril and The Neelys.

Last year, I wanted to hang out with a friend at a local bar and watch the Bears. We did and had so much fun! This year, I want to be on the sidelines WITH the Bears.

One year, I saw a movie on my birthday. Now it’s time I DIRECT a movie.

I want to go out of town and fly in First Class. All the way to Paris.

I used to always pray for a husband. Now I want deeper levels of intimacy with him.

I want to go hiking. Never been. Wonder what it’s like.

Once I wanted to go to the zoo for my birthday. Now I want to go on a safari.

I want to stroke a tiger’s face.

I want to meet President and First Lady Obama.

I want to take my father on a trip to Washington D.C. or Mt. Rushmore.

That’s where I’m at these days. I’m at an age where wisdom has set in and yet still have the youth to enjoy it. I’m also at an age where a lot of things are been-there, seen-it, done-that and it’s time for more. I’m ready for uncommon and unconventional experiences. I just gotta figure out how to get there. On a shoe-string budget. NOW.

Any suggestions?


2 responses to “Time Out for the Same Ol’

  1. Greg Terrell says:

    Nothing wrong with SPLURGING every once in awhile (even on a shoe string budget). I like playing golf on my B-Day & I’m satisfied!!! But I do understand. Being over 50 now………….B-Day’s aren’t that big of a deal. Continued success with the Blog Cousin!!!!! BTW……the Bears look pretty good (if that OL can keep Cutler upright)!!!!

    • Hey Cuz! Thanks for reading and responding. You’re right–nothing wrong with splurging sometimes. I’m over 50 and I want to do something LIVE!!!!! Excited about my Bears–and you’re right about the OL.

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