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Take-Me-Back Tuesday: Songs of the Summer

on August 7, 2012

My friend Trina lamented the other day that the “summer is over.” Over? It’s early August, what are you talking about? But in Trina’s mind, because she has kids and gauges the seasons by their school schedule, summer is over because they’ll soon be back in school and the whole laborious ritual starts all over again. Personally, I try to hold on to summer as long as I can, childless as I am.

When I was a teenager, I had a joyful ritual on the last day of school. I’d come home and snatch off my watch and unplug my clock. (My friends and I had decided that we wouldn’t keep time in the summer.) Then after making time stand still, I’d find the cassette tape that contained “Summer” by War and I’d play it, thereby officially welcoming summer into my life for another year. That was one of the first songs I deemed necessary to have as a summer playlist. In Chicago, the radio stations would start playing Fatback’s “I Like the Girls” to herald in the season. And you know how you hear a song while involved in a certain activity and it sticks with you, and then you always equate that song to the summer and the fun you were having when you heard it? I mean, seriously–do we have a lot of fond memories of cold and slushy winter days?

Let’s go back to the summers of our youth and reflect on these cool songs. I don’t care what Trina says–there’s a whole lotta summer left!

SUMMER by War (1976) This one would usher in every every high school summer.

WARM SUMMER NIGHT  by Chic (1979) Some folks used this as a make-out song.

GOOD TIMES by Chic (1979) This one reminds me of the backyard party I had. Certain neighbors were irritated and called the cops. This song was our VERY LOUD encore before we shut the whole thing down!

GIVE ME THE NIGHT by George Benson (1980) This one reminds me of cruising with my “shippees” one summer night after we had finished pledging. It warm, it was summer, we were free!

SUMMER SONG by Grover Washington, Jr (1978) This was my introduction to the late great Grover.

RUNNING FOR YOUR LOVING by The Brothers Johnson (1977) This one brings back memories of a hot, steamy night listening to the radio and hanging with my best friends. Not a care in the world!

LAKESHORE DRIVE by Art Porter (1996)  This is a good jazzy jam for being with your honey and driving down, say, Lakeshore Drive!

I’ll leave you with SUMMERTIME by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (1991). What are some of your summer favorites?


4 responses to “Take-Me-Back Tuesday: Songs of the Summer

  1. Beth says:

    I just love reading your blog, Donna! I can just see myself in most everything you write. I’m so glad to be away from the “back to school” routine which puts a damper on August and September while you’re still feeling that cruisin’ feeling! The routine started to ease up when I quite working for CPS some time ago, plus my kids have grown up and moved out now so I’m free to enjoy the fact that summer is NOT finished ’til the leaves start to fall!

  2. Linda Perry says:

    I remember sitting on the porch with a bunch of friends singing Strawberry Letter 23 by The Brother Johnson, Sweet Thang by Chaka Khan..I guess it was really Rufus and Brick House by The Commodores. Those were same really sweet carefree days just hanging out with friends. We didn’t have air conditioning when I was younger so we spent a lot of time on the porch trying to stay cool.

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