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Take-Me-Back Tuesday: Songs of Arrogance

on July 24, 2012

Welcome to another edition of Take-Me-Back Tuesday! Let’s go to work. A couple of songs caught my attention as they blared on my iPod recently. Norman Connor’s Once I’ve Been There (1977, featuring Phillip Mitchell on vocals) and Jermaine Jackson’s  Don’t Take It Personal (1989) were great songs. Now when a song first catches your attention, it’s mostly because of the music and the beat. The words are secondary. They could be singing a nursery rhyme; who cares as long as the beat is sweet. Then later you may really  listen to the lyrics and decide they offend your sense of morality, politics, or other points-of-view and the song falls out of favor.

I don’t know what I thought back-in-the-day when I listened to Once I’ve Been There:

Once I’ve been there, I can always go back again. No matter how long I’ve been gone, I can always get there again. Now at that point, he could be singing about Albuquerque. Then he goes into you know how I feel and you know the love is real, so when I ask you to give me your love, I know you will. Okay, he says he loves the woman, but how arrogant of him to feel he can be gone for any length of time and she will still be there, waiting and available to him! (Apparently she must be, or he wouldn’t be singing about it, but that’s another post.)

Now Jermaine really has a lot of nerve. He tells the woman the time has come for him to move on and get on with his life??!  Don’t be sad? Don’t be blue? You have your whole life in front of you? Love was here, now it’s gone, so it’s time you keep moving on? Don’t take it personal, take the bitter with the sweet? Easy come easy go?

Jermaine, what kind of drugs are you on?

If the link works, watch the video. Copy and paste the link if it doesn’t. They were such a happy couple.

Okay, how are bubble baths and sex NOT PERSONAL???!!!

The quintessence of arrogance. That’s how brothers get their tires slashed.


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