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Way-Back Wednesday–Remember this?

on July 18, 2012

We back-end baby boomers have been privileged to have lived through all forms of media. We have seen and experienced 45s, 33s (albums), 8-tracks, cassettes, 12″ extended plays (which were so cool), CDs and digital music. Love my iPod! I even had a portable record player that played 78s.(Dad had a few of those lying around.) My mother got the record player for me using S&H Green Stamps.

Wow, that takes one back–S&H Green Stamps–the-original-rewards-for-spending program. Remember those?



My mother had piles of those things! She and my father would be at the kitchen table with sponges, wetting the backs of stamp sheets and putting them into these saver books. Then they’d go to a redemption center and were able to get stuff of actual value.

Now when I sat down to write this, I did not plan to write about S&H Green Stamps. But isn’t it amazing how the mind and the memory works? One memory–music and my old record player–turned into something I haven’t thought about in mega-eons. I guess I’ll save my original intent for the next Way-Back Wednesday.

What distant memory has been sparked in you recently?


2 responses to “Way-Back Wednesday–Remember this?

  1. I remember we got a heating pad and a bathroom scale thanks to S & H. And growing up in NYC we also had Triple S Blue stamps. My how things have changed.

  2. Very true! I think they got the stamps through the grocery store.

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