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Summer TV Shows You Should Be Watching Now

on June 7, 2012

Well, it’s that time a year when TV-holics across the land are feeling a bit high and dry and left to our own devices. Our favorite shows are either on hiatus or just plain kaput. However, in these days of online TV show availability, RedBox and OnDemand (depending on your cable provider), you can always find something to keep you busy. Here are my summer suggestions for shows you should be watching now. These are not just “chick” shows; these shows offer something for everybody.

DROP DEAD DIVA (Lifetime, Sundays 8p CST) Now in its 4th season, this is the story of Deb, a once dippy model who has died and is now inhabiting the body of Jane, a super-smart overweight attorney. (There was a mix-up at point of death.) Most of the action centers around the law firm and the partners, and Jane’s wacky best friend Stacy and her guardian angel. Drop Dead Diva has comedy, law and courtroom drama, and a bit of romance and fantasy.

Note: I’m not happy to see that doggone Kim Kardashian as a current guest star. Will aliens PLEASE abduct this chick so she will GO AWAY. NOW. YESTERDAY.

NECESSARY ROUGHNESS  (USA Network, Wednesdays 9p CST) This is the second season for this show about Dr. Dani Santino, a divorced, single-mom therapist who works with a pro football team, which of course is filled with dysfunctional characters. This comedy-drama has the ups and downs of Dr. Santino’s less-than-perfect personal life, the obligatory teenage story line and some behind-the scenes football action.

ALPHAS (SyFy Channel) 5 ordinary people with extraordinary abilities–a woman who has serious power of suggestion, a man with super strength, a guy with enhanced hand-eye coordination, a woman with souped-up sensory ability, and a highly functioning autistic dude who can see radio waves in the air–work together as the good guys. They find others like themselves who have more sinister motives. This show will come back for a second season in July, so there’s lots of time to catch up on last season.

THE NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR (Food Network, Sundays 8p CST) This is the only reality show worth watching, in my opinion. The new season is 3 episodes in, but this show always runs at least 10 weeks. In true reality show form there’s some weeping and gnashing of teeth, but most of the contestants are not totally out to do each other in. You get those cool food challenges and the integrity of the Food Network, where the judges don’t get off on making the contestants feel like total morons.

BONANZA–The Lost Episodes (Encore Westerns) In July, Encore Westerns will be showing the Lost Episodes of Bonanza. I’m excited! Love those Cartwrights! It will be cool to see episodes I haven’t already seen at least 20 times. (I can watch the same reruns over and over again.) Bonanza is good, clean fun, and it’s amazing that they would go 30 episodes a season WITH NO CONTINUING STORY LINES. Ben, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe are the coolest dudes, the James Bonds of the 1800s.

Do you have any shows you’d like to add to the list?


2 responses to “Summer TV Shows You Should Be Watching Now

  1. Greg Terrell says:

    Good Job “Cousin”…………………BTW My Favorite Summer TV show was Richard Pryor’s Comedy show on ABC (for 4 or 5 weeks in the summer of 1977 or 1978)!!! You probably weren’t even born yet (LOL)!!!!

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