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The End–Dealing with the loss of a TV show

on May 30, 2012

Every year you wait with bated breath to see the new television show line up in the newspaper TV section. You eagerly scan the list. “Hey, wait a minute. My show’s not here,” you may think with a sense of panic. Then, as the cloud of evil forebodings rises in your mind, you go online to see if you can get other information. Sure enough, they have CANCELED your show. The Television-Programming-Powers-That-Be have snatched your show off the line up without warning, apology, and even worse, NO CONCLUSION TO STORY LINES!

That’s just wrong. That’s a slap in the face of the faithful. It makes you not even want to get attached to TV shows. They could at least give loyal viewers a two-hour finale movie and tie up all those loose ends. In these days of continuing threads, it’s not right to end shows abruptly or with a cliffhanger. Networks  know they’re not bringing the show back, so they should end the show with some class.

This year, I started watching the mid-season show Awake, a really cool show about a police detective (Michael Britten) who, along with his wife and son, was involved in a fatal car accident. The premise was he lived in two alternate realities–one where his son was alive and his wife was dead, and another where his wife was alive and his son was dead. Every time he would go to sleep, he would wake up in one of each reality. He really didn’t know which world was real, nor did he want to let go of his wife and son. He also would get clues in each reality that would help him solve crimes. Michael’s partners would always be baffled about how he would get those leads, and of course they would never buy the truth. I thought this show was great, myself. Well-written and an imaginative concept.

Apparently, Fox didn’t care about my opinion and they canceled Awake. But I guess they were going to try to end this show the right way and give us viewers a finale. So I’m geeked up for this. The show was rolling along pretty well until we get to the end and it turns out…


A dream!!!!???? Seriously? C’mon, that’s the best they could come up with? After Michael solved the crime of who was trying to kill him (which was done well), he wakes up and both his wife and son are alive and well and in the kitchen eating breakfast. That is a cop-out at its highest level!!!! That is so early-days-of-TV scriptwriting! They could have at least said he was in a coma. He could have awakened and his wife and son were there at his bedside, looking like they had been in an accident. I’m sorry, a DREAM doesn’t cut it.

Fox also canceled Alcatraz, about the inmates who were supposed to have been transferred to other prisons after Alcatraz closed but now are back and still in their 1963 bodies. We’ll never know where have been for the last 49 years.

My advice to you who love TV and get hooked on shows–don’t fall in love. Accept that your heart may be broken. Always have a back-up plan, because The End will always be near.


2 responses to “The End–Dealing with the loss of a TV show

  1. Shahidah says:

    Girl you are serious about your television. Me too! I could not get into Alcatraz but I was digging Awake. Even my friend all the way in Cardiff was loving it. I agree the end was a cop out…like they had five minutes to come up with an ending so they went the Dallas Bobby was dreaming route…have you ever seen Life on Mars, the UK version, now that was an ending even though it actually ended with another series!

    • LOL! TV is serious business! I knew that Life on Mars was based on a UK series, although I haven’t seen that one. I did really like the one that came on a couple of years ago. I remember that it concluded with “President Obama” sending her congratulations on their mission!

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