Donna C. Terrell

I Was Just Thinkin'

Pulpit of Poison

on May 25, 2012

I didn’t know anything about Charles L. Worley’s incendiary comments about gays and lesbians until I read talented fellow blogger Juwannadoright’s post the other day. He’s the pastor of a North Carolina church, and his rant went viral and made national news. Juwannadoright wrote of how she read C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity and the profound effect it had on her–basically not being judgmental of others.

However, when she found out about that empty-headed, judgmental pastor and his “Christian” views, Juwannadoright concluded that maybe she read the wrong book.

How sad. This is not about that pastor or about homosexuality, although I have strong views on both, this is about certain individuals who have their own stage and built-in audience and use it to spew out poison, all in the name of Jesus, thereby giving Christians a bad name!

When pastors and preachers fall into some type of sin or say controversial things, it gets big news time.  It paints a dim scene of being a Christian. No one wants what we have to offer because of this. No one talks much about the good works that the good ministers do. Those who truly have a relationship with God do accept people for who they are and can act in a non-judgmental way towards them. True Christians can “hate the sin and love the sinner.” Jesus didn’t grab the woman caught in adultery, shake her and call her a wanton woman. He called all the other folks into question. He didn’t condemn her. This would have a more profound effect on that woman and help her to get on another road than locking her up with other adulterers behind an electronic fence. And I’m sure Jesus was interested in knowing where was the man she was with, cause the woman wasn’t in that bed by herself!

Some of the most judgmental people in the world can be Christians, I’m sorry to say. Many of us do not walk in love as we should. The word “love” in this case means how we treat people. Jesus always treated people right. He would free those contained in Worley’s electronic fence.


(To read Juwannadoright’s post:)



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