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The Cold-Blooded and The Constant

Life in workaday America…

So I’m wondering why Amy’s emails kept coming back to me. Then I remembered her saying to me last week that she would send me a document that I can do all the updates on myself. “Okay, whatever, ” I said, at the time swamped in my own stuff and not giving it another thought. I went down to Amy’s cube, and Julio said he hadn’t seen her all day. “Something’s up, ” I’m thinking.

I go in my team leader’s office and ask him if there’s something up with Amy. “Oh, Amy was let go last Thursday,” Corwin said.

I’m totally shocked. Why? What happened? I didn’t ask, but of course I’m wondering. Amy had been here for years.


Just a few weeks ago, Amy had returned from extended sick leave. They didn’t have anything for her to do. So guess what? They gave Amy MY work. Can’t have a full-timer sitting around with “unbillable” hours. So boot the freelancer out. Me, a person who is dependable, been coming in everyday for well over a year and does excellent work, out of a job for a week.


Now Amy is out the door. And she just came back from sick leave.


Now I don’t know the story; maybe Amy forgot how to effectively perform her duties. Maybe her work was crap. But I do know that companies don’t care about you. They care about “billable” hours. They care about their bottom line. They don’t care how long you’ve been working for them or the quality of work you produce, the company is about the company. I wonder about the “head honchos” who make such decisions. I guess they can’t take into consideration an individual’s life–their health status, their financial state, whether or not there’s others in the family they support. They have to make cold-blooded decisions and deliver cold-blooded news. Personally, I wouldn’t want to do that. I’d want to hire, not fire.

However, there is one Constant. The Lord.

Companies don’t care about you, but the word says “Cast your cares on Him, for He cares for you. (I Peter 5:7)

Companies flip the script all the time, but the Lord says, “I am the Lord; I change not.” (Malachi 3:6)

Companies cannot be trusted, but the word says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; lean not unto your own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5,6)

Companies care about billable hours. Jesus paid your debt.

He is the Constant in this life.

Being a creative freelancer, I have been in and out of work so many times. Because I trust in Him, I have seen Him do so many cool things for me in this area of employment and money. The Lord is the Constant in my life.

Hmmm, didn’t know Amy that well, but I hope she knows The Constant.


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