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The Christmas Connection–or Ways to Keep Everybody Happy During One Really Short Week

on December 22, 2011

The “Christmas Season.” It’s only a hot month long, and everybody has plans–plans for good and not evil. Parties and get-togethers, shopping for friends and family, dinners, celebrations, and the distribution of gifts. This is a good year for me–I’ve been blessed and fortunate to have worked all year, so I have gifts for everyone! I also was very systematic with shopping–I started in September, thank you very much! So as of now, I’m pretty much done. I have to get the husband a couple of more things, and maybe a few little fun stocking stuffers for the ladies, but THAT’S IT.

If you’re like most folks, you want to see everyone who’s important to you as well as have some time for yourself. It’s also hard to get things done when you’re working every day. The main things you must do are:

PURPOSE IN YOUR MIND WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. Everything starts in the mind. When you decide to set your mind, you’re halfway there. I know I need to see the in-laws, go back to the grocery store, and bake a lady 5 dozen cookies. I really don’t feel like baking. BUT I made a commitment, so it has to be done. That’s the end of it.

SET A PLAN OF ACTION. I’ll have to work a little bit at a time to get this done, cause I don’t like last-minute crap. I’m not baking all weekend.

DO NOT WAIVER FROM YOUR PLAN. Despite fatigue and just generally wanting to veg out in front of the tube, I’ve baked 4 of the 5 dozen cookies. Now all that’s not hanging over my head. I feel accomplished thus far.

MAKE IT ENJOYABLE AND NOT A DRUDGE. While baking, which was and is my most dreaded task, I watched my Charlie Brown and Grinch DVDs.

REALIZE THAT RELATIONSHIPS ARE IMPORTANT and IT REALLY DOESN’T TAKE MUCH TO MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY. My best friends are important. My nieces are important. My best friend’s mother is important. So time MUST be made to see them during this time period. My mother-in-law will be happy if we spend a couple of hours at her house this weekend. My father will be happy if I cook Christmas dinner. Do this kind of stuff, purpose in your mind that you will, and you’ll feel very good about yourself afterwards.

HAVE SOME DOWN TIME. I have four days off. On Monday, I ain’t doing nothin’!




2 responses to “The Christmas Connection–or Ways to Keep Everybody Happy During One Really Short Week

  1. Good points. It’s easy to get carried away with being busy this month, but usually people are much easier to please than you anticipate. I tend to get carried away worrying that my kids aren’t going to be happy with their gifts. They’re kids, they’ll be happy with any present! (Until they are teenagers, maybe…)

  2. That’s when you do gift cards!

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