Donna C. Terrell

I Was Just Thinkin'

On Halloween Night

on October 31, 2011

I used to love Halloween because of the look, tone and feel of the month of October. Now as a Christian, I don’t get into it (except for the candy and Affy Tapples) but I found the shorter, darker days, the crispness in the air, and the moon quite inspiring. I wrote this poem waaay back during a burst of that inspiration.


Grab your bags and baskets

Put on your scariest face

Prepare for a night of devilish delight

Let’s go spook the place!

The wolves will all be howling

Black cats will scratch and bite

Everything will dance and play

And scare you on Halloween night!

Let’s go trick or treating

Among the graveyard tombs

Beware the ghosts and werewolves

For tonight is a shining full moon!

Sip a cup of witches brew

It’s sure to give you a fright

They cast their spell, they will not fail

To haunt you on Halloween night!

The ghouls will all be calling

They seem to know your name

The haunted house is beckoning

Come into its hall of fame

Run away from the haunted house!

Run far away past the tombs!

Away from the monsters and cats and bats

Hide under your bed in your room!

And while you eat your goodies

By the light of the pumpkin so bright

Remember the chills and thrills and spills

You had on Halloween night!

Copyright 1984 by Donna Coleman


One response to “On Halloween Night

  1. Ebon Craig Williams says:

    I love this poem! It should be put to music for a family special or something.

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