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Christmas In October…why?

on October 26, 2011

I was walking through a pedway on my way to work when I saw a Macy’s guy putting up a Christmas tree. On October 17th.  Now there are several very artsy, pretty trees throughout the store. Another stupid thing is they have a display of Cubs and Sox t-shirts next to the pedway tree in the middle of football season! At least display some Bears shirts! Get with the seasons, people!!! A Christmas tree in October doesn’t put me in a shopping mood! Why are they rushing the season? That will be another post soon–how we must flow in the SEASONS of life. Any thoughts? Why should we flow with the seasons of life? How can we do this without trying to hold on to what was, or conjure up something that has yet to be?


2 responses to “Christmas In October…why?

  1. Macy’s must have read this. Just two days ago I saw they changed their display to a more appropriate Bears display!

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